NOX BOYS Perform Raw and Untamed Show in Youngstown Ohio – March, 2019

Zack Keim at Cedars

Friday March 15, 2019:

Blawnox, Pennsylvania is a small burrow in Aleghany County with a population right around two thousand. Perhaps one of the most notable entities to establish there since a collapsible and welding steel fusion-ed company (Blah-Nox) that employed many of the Burroughs residents is a garage/punk fusion-ed outfit known as NOX BOYS.

The fore-some made its way to Youngstown, Ohio Friday showcasing an updated set list and a new bassist. The group demonstrated a more raw, unrestrained ingredient than their previous showing at Cedars West End last year. The band’s garage/alternative rock style possessed an appreciable energy and grit all throughout their set list. Most of the songs that were performed led directly into the next. This aspect presented a sort of ‘unrelenting’ quality that at times seemed pleasantly reckless (if one can imagine that). The band has completed their upcoming album at Ampreon Recorder (in Youngstown, Ohio) with a release that is *probable some time later this spring.

Nox Boys Show Review at Cedars March 2019

Nox Boys Show in Youngstown March 2019

Nox Boys Show Review 2019 Cedars



Notable songs performed:
‘Military School’ (the song never gets old)
‘Helter Skelter’ (great rendition)
‘Out of Touch’ (good stuff from the up-coming new album)

Other Acts That also Performed Friday Night at Cedars West End on Friday Night: Spectres, Speedo Agreedo

New/Upcoming Studio Album is Titled: ‘Out of Touch’
Songs Recorded and Mixed at Ampreon Recorder, by Pete Drivere
Label – Get Hip Records, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
*Probable Release Time: May, 2019

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