Demos Papadimas Band Live Set (& Upcoming Live Product?) – May, 2019

Demos Papadimas 1920X1080 IB Dot com Feature Image 5-4-19

(Demos Papadimas Band – ‘Barrier Doors’ 5-4-19 via Ian Billen on Vimeo).

The Demos Papadimas Band showcased at Cedars West End in Youngstown, Ohio Saturday Night delivering a balanced, slightly more graceful sound. Perhaps the approach was to suite a live recording that is murmured to be on the bands roster? Perhaps the audible impression was due in part to live sound engineer (and studio engineer/producer) Pete Drivere who was on controls for mixing (and is said to have been performing a live capture on this particular night?). Whatever the case both the sonic presentation and the bands performance seemed professionally conscientious but not overly smoothed or musically restricted.

Cait Marie (violin) and Dave Lynn (electric guitar) both had a few performing highlights during the evening. Ralph Rich (drums) characteristically displayed his consistency and drumming diligence in never seeming (or sounding) flaunting or unnecessarily showy. Ever reliable and customary, Corey Gray ‘s electric bass guitar glued the ensemble together creditably Saturday night.

The groups vocalist and songwriter/guitarist Demos Papadimas had slightly more than usual ad lib enthusiastic shouts slightly off microphone (Ala ‘How Long’ from the bands recent ‘Lucky You’ EP). This could possibly benefit some sort of live product should that idea come to fruition. Either way and whatever the outcome this particular ‘keyed up’ aspect is always nice to hear from him. *Second Image Below – Hayden Brooke opened the evening with additional vocals from a pleasant blonde female vocalist at stage right (audience perspective).

Demos Papadimas May 2019 Cedars

Hayden Brooke at Cedars in May of 2019

If the idea of a quality live dose of Americana, Folk, Greek Blues (& a little good ole Rock and Roll) interests you, The Demos Papadimas Band continue to deliver well rehearsed, skillfully crafted musicianship in their live sets with uniqueness and an authenticity.

Ian Billen –