Demos Papadimas Band and White Buffalo Woman Play Cedars

White Buffalo Woman and Demos Papadimas Show 2018

The Demos Papadimas Band and White Buffalo Woman rocked out Friday Night December 28th, 2018 at Cedars West End, in Youngstown Ohio. The Demos Papadimas band, a Western and Greek Folk / Americana fusion favorite of Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania showcased some of their better known songs such as ‘Red Letter Days’, ‘Second Street’ and the acclaimed 2013 single ‘Double Knotts’ (in which a locally revered video for this song was produced by River and Heron Productions and released in 2017). The band, as always sounded very well-practiced while their lead singer/songwriter broke in his newly accustomed, but tastefully timeworn six-string.

White Buffalo Woman took the stage not much beyond a mere fifteen minutes after The Demos Papadimas band’s set commenced. White Buffalo Woman’s classic Rock n Roll / Bee-bop musical form garnered warm welcomes from all in attendance. Several of the females came to light goo eyed and sparked, dancing and praising the bands ‘slinky’ but towering lead during the latter half of the band’s showcase. The group ripped through no-nonsense rock songs such as ‘Cryin Shame’, ‘Drowning in Love’ and the surprise, ‘Brand New Cadillac’, a frequently covered, 1959 Vince Taylor classic.

Live sound was organized and mixed by Pete Drivere of Ampreon Recorder.

Dave Lynn Cedars 2018

Evening High Points –
Demos Papadimas Band Cover’s Mississippi Sheiks / Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood in My Eyes’ – Pulled off quite admirably.
Dave Lynn’s Guitar solos were ‘especially’ flawless Friday Night.
White Buffalo Woman’s ‘Honey Love’ = The meaty, guitar-driven jam that would of made Led Zeppelin proud.

Band News –
The Demos Papadimas Band will record another EP within the next two months. This EP will be the follow up to the bands ‘Lucky You’ EP released last Year (December 2017).
‘White Buffalo Woman’ will continue to do live shows in support of their last album ‘Foolish Hearts’.

Ian Billen –