About Ian

About Ian

Ian Billen

Skills and Pastimes: Instructor / Training (CTT+) in various technology-related subjects, Music Production Insight / Audio Recording Collaboration, Music Reviews, Graphic Design, Web Content Specialist, Photography.

Ian Billen is the owner of the domain name ianbillen.com. Ian contributes to and pays for the hosting/maintenance services for this website. All content, reviews, and articles that are published on this website are written by Ian Billen. Opinions expressed on this website are presented as Ian’s exclusively.

Ian has worked as an entry-level Certified Acoustics / Audio Recording Instructor, Certified Information Technology Trainer, and Music Entertainment Writer. Ian is a previous owning partner in the audio recording and music production service company, Album Production Works Inc. – (albumproduction.com). In addition, Ian is a founding member of the music professional’s networking application, Soundzie.

Ian started his professional career as a Computer Network Administrator for an architectural firm in New Castle, Pennsylvania. After attaining several major computer support credentials (MCSA, ACHDS, Network+, Server+, A+), he moved into a successful career teaching Information Technology Courses as a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) before returning to his first true passion, audio engineering and production.

As a graduate of the notable Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona, Ian ventured into a much more hands-on role in the music recording industry in Los Angeles before relocating back to Youngstown, Ohio.

Ian is currently a Technology Trainer and he partly directs a self-founded, innovative web-based music enthusiast networking platform known as ‘Soundzie.’


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